The Albanian alphabet consists of 36 letters of the Latin script. The alphabet was standardized in 1909.

Albanian characters are supported by the ISO Latin-1 ASCII character set. Your computer must use this set if the following characters are to be displayed correctly.

A B C , D Dh E F G Gj H I J K L Ll M N Nj O P Q R Rr S Sh T Th U V X Xh Y Z Zh

a b c d dh e ' f g gj h i j k l ll m n nj o p q r rr s sh t th u v x xh y z zh


a as a in father
b as b in Boston
c as ts in curtsy
as ch in church
d as d in Denver
dh as th in they
e as e in set
' as e in term
f as f in free
g as hard g in go
gj as dg in dodge
h as h in her
i as i in machine
j as y in year
k as k in king
l as liquid l in alien
ll as ll in all
m as m in man
n as n in now
nj as ni in union
o as o in oak
p as p in pencil
q as ch in chair
r as r in roar
rr as highly trilled rr
in Spanish burro
s as s in see
sh as sh in she
t as t in two
th as th in three
u as oo in loom
v as v in value
x as dz in adze
xh as j in jester
y as Y in German FYhrer
 or u in French du, mur
z as z in zone
zh as si in vision

Note: A letter combination such as gj and nj, constitutes a single phonetic sound. While j is a semi-vowel which may be used before or after a vowel or consonant or between two vowels, it is fused into an inseperable character when it follows g or n. Likewise, when h follows d, s, t, x and z it also is fused into a single alphabetical character producing in each instance a single phonetic sound.



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